we uptimise text


Our small team has this special passion for excellent text. We love to create, write, [code], translate, correct, read, publish. We love to uptimise all types of text, in several human or computer languages and styles.

Learn more about our services and get in touch if you want to hire us for your next project or want to join us and share our passion and vision for better text and [code].

machine translation proofreading text literal translation target optimization
we use our state of the art tools to create...
...and correct our text and [code].
we never mirror our translations and keywords.
we always uptimise individually.


we create

create textWriting is our passion. We like to create text and [code] with strong attention to detail.

Our writing rates start at 0,10 € per word. Our programming rates start at 20,00 € per hour. *

we translate

translationLocalisation and translation are our main expertise. Our experience is over 15 years.

Our translation rates start at 0,06 € per word. Our review and correction rates start at 0,03 € per word.*

we seo

SEOTop 10 is the objective. We love the challenge to uptimise websites for high rankings.

Our monthly seo rates start at 40,00 €.* For one time projects we use our [code] hourly rates.

Since 19 years we create text and [code] for different purposes and with different styles. At this time we write in English, German, Bulgarian and [code] in html, css, php, sql, c#, mql, java.

* If you need a special rate please contact us with a short description of your project and we will be glad to come back to you with our best possible offer.

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